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Traditional Sweet of Kos Island

The rich culinary heritage of the Aegean isles and the colorful traditions of the Dodecanese mingle together and create delicious recipes and mouthwatering sweets and desserts. Kos has its fair share of local traditional recipes that are known all around Greece, and when you are holidaying in Kos, it is imperative that you try them out.
The most famous traditional sweet of Kos is the tomato “spoon sweet”, a syrupy preserve made with the unique pomodori tomatoes that grow on the island. When the Dodecanese was under Italian rule, the seeds for these oblong tomatoes where shipped from Italy in order to be cultivated in Kos, and here, they flourished and became a trademark of the island. These fruits are in their prime in August, and that’s the time to make the famous “tomataki” as it is known.

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