Stalia Kalamata (Drop) Extra Virgin Olive Oil 50ml


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staliá – σταλιά (sta’ʎa)

a Greek word, meaning a very small quantity or a little drop.
It comes from the Greek verb “ενσταλάζω” (to infuse, to instill), which also means to inspire, to cultivate a feeling gradually and systematically.

We create our “staliá” by carefully cultivating our land, so that we can offer you little drops of the smell and flavor of Greece.

Region:Gargaliani, Western Messenia, Peloponnese, GreeceVariety:Koroneïki 100%Harvest:Early harvest; harvested till 10 November of each yearPressing:Cold press (up to 24 oC)Acidity:Low, ≤0.5%Characteristics:High note: fruity and spicy, middle note: bitterPackaging:50 ml painted glass bottle in a carboard box or with a hanging label

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