Greek Aegean Sea Salt with Oregano/Thyme/Savory 250gr


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Greek Aegean Sea Salt with Oregano/Thyme/Savory

LESVOS island!

A beautiful “golden” island with sharp sea salt, strong sun, high mountains, wild Nature, ancient civilization and long history, full of aroma and unforgettable memories from grand-mom’s and mom’s cooking’s, during the long summer vacations in the medieval village of Molyvos.

This is the island that I lived and loved. This is the place and also some more culinary corners of the fertile Greek countryside , where i want to join you so that you will feel and taste the best authentic Greek delicacies!

Having in hand our company’s name reflecting Greece (where “nissos”= island) and the high quality of Lesvos’ products – arising from the pure, gentle Mediterranean climate and the geographical position – we started our journey, searching, tasting, selecting the best Greek goodies and delicacies from small family farms, crafts and small producers.

Authentic Greek taste – traditional recipe – certified quality, these are our 3 basic products’ selection criteria and our warranty for the culinary, nutritional and therapeutic value of NISSOS GREEK FOOD selections .

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