Natural Rock Samphire (sea fennel) in brine from the shores of Lesvos. 300gr


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Natural Rock Samphire (sea fennel) in brine from the shoresof Lesvos. 
Crithmum maritimum is the Mediterranean sea fennel, also known as samphire or rock samphire. It is a small plant that grows between the rocks along the Aegean sea and of course inLesvos
Sea fennel has been used since the antiquity and has been known for its detoxifying properties. In modern years it is mostly used in cooking; its fleshy stems and leaves are added to salads, similarly to capers. It is a highly aromatic plant with a unique salty taste.

The Rock Samphire Kalypso is a product of small productiongathered by hand from the coast and packaged in the traditional way in brine and vinegar without any preservatives.

Taste a unique greek traditional product.
100% natural product. No preservatives
Net weight 300 gr 

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