Moi, Je M’en Fous White 750ml


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When the Malagouzia grape is grown in the shade of the Agrafa Mountains, moistened by the gentle breeze off lake Plastiras, it acquires another dimension. It’s no wonder that it has the earned royal status in the Greek vineyard.This white wine stands out for its enjoyable, fresh and full flavour combined with a cheerful, light-hearted mood.


ORIGIN: Messenicolas, Karditsa
VARIETY: Malagouzia
TYPE: Dry White Wine
CATEGORY: Karditsa Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)
COLOUR & AROMA: The eye is impressed by the clarity and strength of the colour. Peach, lemon flower, orange, jasmine and grapefruit create an explosive nose, while the palate will revel in a complex and unforgettable flavour.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: It is the ideal accompaniment for light seafood, poultry or pasta dishes and salads.
Available in 750 ml bottles.
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