Marakas Gold Creta Olive Oil 24K 100ml (limited edition)

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Marakas Gold Olive Oil 24K Creta 100ml

Extra virgin olive oil with 24 karats edible gold leaves in a luxurious glass bottle suitable for a perfect gift for your friends. Gold has been used for food since ancient times as it has tremendous beneficial properties for the body such as:

It helps reduce inflammation of the joints.
Preventively acts on the edge of each skin type.
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Reduces the signs of aging.
It equates the tone of the skin.
It helps and prevents melanomas.
It makes the skin look smoother.
Fights free radicals.
It helps prevent premature aging.
It slows the collagen depletion.
It defies the process of human aging.
It increases skin elasticity.
It provides a golden glow and helps as a natural sunscreen.
It repairs the damaged cells of the skin.
And lastly, it increases the duration of the skin’s luster.



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