Kumquat Spoon Sweet – Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets 400gr

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The tiny and intensely aromatic fruit of kum quat dipped in light syrup. A handmade, traditional spoon sweet from fresh kum quat fruits which is travelling us on a journey through the tastes and habits of another era. Served plain with a glass of iced water, enriches a delicious meal of yoghurt and uniquely garnishes your desserts, ice cream and your fruit salads.
ts “Kumquat Spoon Sweet” is produced when you put together those tiny & heavily scented fruits together with a light sugar syrup. The aroma, flavour & colour of this wonderful traditional sweet are interwoven with the tradition of Corfu. Enjoy a “spoon” of it with just a glass of cold water or as a garnish on top of chocolate cakes or creamy desserts.

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