Greek Hylopites(Greek noodles) of Grandmother 500gr


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Greek Hylopites(Greek noodles)of Grandmother (with fresh milk,Semolina and Eggs)  100% Greek product

Hylopites are a traditional pasta that is used extensively in Greek cuisine.

Generally, they are long slice strips of pasta cut into various sizes that traditionally made in villages with classic manual machines.

Like most pasta, they are made from semolina. A substantial difference from other pasta products is that they contain eggs and, in some cases, milk.

The noodles look on the look and taste of the Italian talents and in fact they are very close dishes as they have no significant differences.

They are so delicious that they are eaten comfortably and neatly, with cheese or yogurt, but also with various sauces, usually red and white.

They can also accompany meat or poultry especially in their finely chopped version, the so-called chicken pies.

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