Gourmet ”Kalamon” olives in a box of excellent quality with extra virgin olive oil 200gr


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”Kalamon” olives in a box of excellent quality with extra virgin olive oil
The world “queen” of edible (table) olives, the Kalamata Olive, puts it well for you to taste delicious.
Enjoy daily at the office, relaxing with a drink, company, traditional dishes or so unnecessarily.
We in Greek Pony Farm® respect the tradition of four generations, we choose with love and attention the olives one by one, let them ripen in the brine and pack them with extra virgin olive oil from the farms of our farm.
They are lustrous, fleshy, crisp, rich in aromas, with colors from brown, purple to black and unbelievably delicious!
The foundation stone of the Greek diet, simply accompanied by a piece of bread, passed through the years and the evolution as the cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet, and is the most acclaimed Greek ingredient in Greek and international gastronomy.
Packaging in a vacuum bag keeps the queen tight until it reaches your table.
Greek Pony Farm® Kalamon Olives meet all EU standards, from production, harvesting, processing to standardization.

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