100% Gourmet Greek Pony farm extra virgin olive oil 500ml

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Olive oil «Kalamata» PDO organic
premium virgin variety “crowned” unicoloured
(green packaging)
An olive oil with a strong personality that immediately stands out for its intense aromas, shining green color and unique flavor. It is produced in a limited quantity exclusively from “Koroneiki” strawberries harvested in a traditional, gentle way exactly when they must be carefully selected one by one by hand.
They are transported in special utensils to ensure their ventilation and immediately oiled with strictly cold pressing. The most dense olive groves of the estate, the same age-old olive trees and their joint management contribute in turn to the very low acidity, the top nutritional profile and the strong identity of this particular olive oil.
This is also ensured by organic certification (organic) farming and Protected Designation of Origin of the European Union.

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