Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tombazis Olive Grove 500ml

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Our Grove is located in the seaside area of Galata Trizinias in the northeastern Peloponnese opposite the beautiful island of Poros. The cultivated area of our olive grove is 30 acres, where 1.240 olive trees of the Koroneiki variety are grown. Our 25-year-old trees grow on a well-drained flat ground slope of about 3% degrees. The soil of our olive grove is sandy to sandy-clayey with the homogeneous distribution. The ph. is ideal for the olive trees at 7 degrees. All of our olive groves is irrigated so that our trees get the precious water that helps them immensely.

Our harvest begins in early November when the fruit is still in its early stage. Every single morning, the same small crew of people for years now, undertake with the traditional method the precious fruit from the tree branches to the ground. The use of olive harvester sticks helps the harvest finish as quickly as possible so that the tree finds the necessary time to rest and carry out its cycle right until its next flowering. Our fruit is stored in special ventilated baskets, so it doesn’t get overstressed and crushed. Then, on the same day it is transported to the mill in excellent condition, where the olive-oil extraction process begins.

The use of chemical pesticides is forbidden as our philosophy is geared towards the ecological way of cultivating the land. The permanent plant cover of the soil provides the necessary nitrogen to our trees and in combination with the soil cover by the cutting of the branches of the tree with the use of a grinder – it improves the soil moisture and lowers the temperature of our olive grove up to 2 degrees C. In this way, the organic substance of our soil is strengthened and therefore every tree enjoys all the nutrients of healthy soil. The tree is treated exclusively with ecological traps without chemical sprays, while our neighboring beehives also give their valuable help.

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