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Sundried Tomatoes Naturally dried tomatoes in the sun, on tables where the product loses its moisture by the addition of salt. The tomatoes used are our oval-shaped, flesh-like consistency. The fruit is gathered with hands, not mechanically, by choosing red tomatoes in 3 different stages. The fruit is transferred to the processing point, washed and cut in the middle without being separated and then transferred to the climbers where they are spread by adding salt and covered with a net to protect them.
Sundried TomatoesThe tomatoes remain spread out for 3 to 5 days depending on the weather and then the dried tomatoes with a moisture <30% and salt <18% are harvested. A first screen is placed in the standard compartment and placed in 10kg plastic bags and then in a refrigerated maintenance chamber at a temperature of 6-8 ° C.
The product is deep red in color with a strong tomato odor.

Preparing for Standardization
Sundried TomatoesThe only preservative that the product has is sea salt, otherwise it can not be preserved. Place the sun dried tomato in water warm from 30 to 60 minutes to remove the salt it contains. Rinse and marinate in extra virgin olive oil with the herbs we desire (basil, garlic, laurel, oregano, capers, balsamic vinegar etc.).

Tomato naturally sun-dried in a traditional way, simple, marinated in sunflower oil or marinated in extra virgin olive oil with garlic, basil and other herbs.

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