How can I place an order?

You can purchase products from the main menu categories-subcategories of the homepage. Mouse over the category and you will be able to view the category along with its subcategories.You can also place your order via e-mai at or through phone and our Customer Care Team will guide you.

How long will it take for my order to arrive and which is the cost?

We ship in Canada/U.S./Europe.The shipping cost for orders will be calculated automatically in the shopping cart page or check out point, depending on each orderʼs address and volumetric weight features and will be included in your order request before the completion and payment of you. The amount will also adjust as you add, delete or change items and update your cart. Your order will arrive within 1-4 business days by DHL, depending on the kind of service you will choose, (DHL Express Worldwide Shipping 2 Days Delivery / or Next Day Delivery until 09:00 a.m(more expensive) / or Next Day Delivery until 12:00 p.m).You will be able to check all the possible ways of shipping when proceeding to checkout at your shopping cart.Also you might select your currency of your choice.

All of our in-stock products are immediately shipped within the same business working day (Monday to Friday, excluding National Holidays). Orders can be also shipped to a P.O. Box. In the case of P.O. Box, delivery maybe will take longer than 3-5 days.Please note that all orders including perishable goods are automatically shipped using 2 Days Delivery or Next Day Delivery (working days Monday to Friday) to ensure your product arrives in superb condition.


Do you deliver to work addresses?

Yes, of course, we can deliver to your work address. However, we can also deliver to your permanent residence address or any other address you wish.(Also gift baskets or particularly items can be shipped to your friends or specially occasions with a gift card inside)

What happens if I am away when the package arrives?

Don’t worry if you are away when the package arrives, as the delivery person will leave an information note and will come a second time next day.

Is there an extra charge for the delivery of refrigerated foods?

In order to keep your products at recommended temperatures we recommend to purchase a Coldbox while in transit, all of your items are placed in these Polystyrene boxes, which offer the very best insulation for temperature sensitive products.Expanded Polystyrene has a very low rate of thermal conductivity, which ensures the produce inside the box are kept at a stable temperature regardless of outside conditions. It is also lightweight, odourless, non-toxic and hygienic, approved for direct contact with food, fully recyclable and can be re-used.In order to keep products frozen up to 24 hours, the Polystyrene boxes are used in conjunction with non-hydrated ice pads. These are non-toxic, are approved to come into direct contact with food and can be re-used.An extra fee of $6.00 which includes an icepad.

Please note that all orders including perishable items are automatically shipped, using DHL 2 Days Express or Next Day Delivery (working days Monday to Friday) to ensure your product arrives in superb condition (Hellenic Post Shipping is not available as an option).

Can I track my order?

You can follow the journey which your order makes, through the track order page in the section “My Account” or use the tracking number you have received in your order’s shipment email, in the official website of:

Can I change my order?

You can change your order within 1-2 hours from the moment you place it. After this period, due to the immediate order processing, we cannot change your order. Ιn case of any other problem, please contact our Customer Care team.

What is PayPal and why should I prefer it as a payment method?

PayPal is an easy, quick and, what is more, safe online payment service. Using this service, your card details are not shared with anyone, neither with us. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can easily create one, following the simple steps described on Paypal’s website. You just need to have a credit card or a debit card or transfer money from your bank account to your PayPal account. You will not be charged for creating a PayPal account, neither will you be charged for the bank transfer.Also, you might checkout by PayPal without a PayPal account.See below for more information:

Can I cancel my order?

We cannot cancel your order after if has been confirmed. This is due to the special character and natural origin of our products.If you have any problem regarding your order, please contact our Customer Care Team immediately.

Do you have Free Shipping?

On all orders over $300,00

  • Offer valid until March 31st, only on purchases of $300,00 or more in the same order/address.
  • Offer not valid for express next day shipping 09:00 a.m