Vanilla Greek Fir Honey 1kg


The Fir Honey Vanilla is one of the most rare worldwide, because of the separate appearance with the characteristic pearly white color and the thick texture. With taste spicy reminiscent of caramel butter and with the aromas of flowers and fir, this honey is a feast of flavors and colors.The unique Fir Honey Vanilla “MELI MAMAS” of high nutritional value, collected in the fir forests in Peloponnese peninsula (Mount Parnon and Mount Mainalo) at an altitude ranging from 800 m – 1300 m from the beginning of June until the end of July. After the harvest the honey is filtered and packaged within a period not exceeding one month from the collection directly in glass jars, then stored in a dark, dry and in a consistently low temperature, ready for consumption as it offers the rich Greek nature.

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