My Greek Grocery was created in 2016 by John-Dimitris-Savvas Tsardaklis,Greek/Canadian brothers who are very passionate about Greek food and cuilinary culture.Although the company seems to be new on the market, the company has a very great experience in Greek products for three decades, having 40 acres in the mountain Corinthian(Greece)with organic products, mainly organic tomatoes, together with the undivided attention of Mr Jimmys Tsardaklis the father and founder of the company born in Ottawa.(born from Greek Immigrants, back to 70’s)
Our mission is to offer to the Canadians the chance to discover and get to know the Greek Mediterranean treasures growing on Greek soil, with their high nutritional and cultural value. We also aim to provide the real taste of Greece to all those that love and seek the genuine Greek delicacies. we have managed to source and bring to Canada the finest products from selected producers across Greece for you to enjoy. All the producers are carefully selected as for the quality of their products and their packing process and ISO.

‘’ We’re thrilled to bring Greece…..to your Doorstep so easy!!!’’